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now that I’ve done my complaint I’m deleting the app again until skl stuffs over

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>:((((( boys never like me
maybe for like 2 seconds and then they talk 2 me or hang out w me and realise I am a boob and I suck and that I’m anxious and do stupid things and then they disappear forever

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I’m going on a hiatus for two weeks while trials is on hit me if I come on bye

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All I wanna do in life is write some songs, have some meaningful sex, laugh a lot n also spoon A LOT

James I napped for the sole purpose of personally offending u hue

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Me sexting would literally b ‘put ur weenie in my vajayjay’ I have zero game

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U know when ur so overwhelmed with work tht u don’t know where to start n u procrastinate forever and ever

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i eat way TOO MUCH WHEN I’M STUDYING TO DISTRACT MYSELF/ MAKE WORK HARDER and it really bothers me because i always feel way too full and i’m gaining tons of weight and i just idk i’m having a bad body/anxiety day

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What I mean when I say “I can’t do that”- Anxiety Version:

  • I am unable to do that
  • I am too stressed out to do that
  • I cannot face the humiliation of attempting to do that
  • My body will physically not allow me to do that
  • I am on the verge of a panic attack
  • I cannot do that

What people hear:

  • I am unwilling to do that
  • I am just shy
  • I am overreacting
  • I am lazy
  • I need to get more experience in social situation to help my anxiety
  • I need a push
  • I don’t want to do that

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